Connecting Real Estates and Properties Globally on Blockchain

BricksEstate is built on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 network

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BricksEstate offers the Bijou NFT collection of 6 limited house floor plans.

The plans can be used by the owner to build and develop a real-world property or even digital real estate in the metaverse.

One floor plan NFT out of all future collections will be kept aside and used to develop a property for sale through BRICKSNFT

BRICKNFT holders will be able to stake their NFT in order to receive platform rewards from the BRICKSWAP platform, these NFT are very limited creating instant value for holders along with a reward for holding them.

BRICKNFT holders that stake their NFT on the BRICKSWAP also are automatically in the zero-fee section for staking and un-staking. BRICKNFT holders gain discounts on purchases and access to events in future BricksEstate releases and also Gamfi builds.

Building the future of Real Estate

BRICK Market

A global marketplace for listing and accessing properties by buyers and sellers

Custody Service

Utilize BRICK to hold certificate of ownership and create NFT that can be sold and claimed via the original certificate

Property Management /Rental

Offering property management services to clients or renting out properties internationally

Part Ownership

The tokenization process allows for fractional ownership, where you can split the value and ownership of shares

About BricksEstate

Grow Real Estate on Blockchain

BricksEstate is a community project that allows users to access a variety of real estates and properties and purchase full or part ownership of these assets in order to be part of the ever-growing real estate industry.

BricksEstate has four key Values:


Our team secures investments on the best properties and provides a platform where users can manage properties using blockchain


BricksEstate is a fast growing company with strategic partnerships with major real estate and property management companies around the globe

Global Network

Our network is accessible in various parts of the world with exceptional high quality developments that deliver value to our clients

User First

By promoting a cooperative philosophy of excellence and trust, we ensure excellence in quality delivery, while respecting human value

BricksEstate Roadmap


  • Addition of more pools
  • Addition of more cryptocurrency assets
  • Social marketing campaign
  • International meet-ups with communities across the globe
  • More partnerships with key industry players
  • Floor-plan NFT collection (Bijou)
  • Whitepaper 2.0
  • Website update for direct asset exchange

In Progress

  • Fiat checkout integration
  • Website update for direct asset staking
  • Platform Expansion
  • BRICKSWAP Launch
  • GameFi NFT
  • Property NFT test
  • Fractional property NFT test

$BRICK Token

BRICK Token Max Supply: 1,000,000


  • Governance
  • Platform Fee Discounts
  • Platform Services (Advertising and Promotions)
  • Staking
  • Integrations With Partners On Accepting $BRICK As A Payment Token

BRICK Token smart contract security audit is verified by

Our company crypto assets are managed using

Our Team

Meet our Bricksestate team of experts

With over 20years of experience in Real estate, property management and Blockchain development our team of professionals delivery solutions to property management and aquizition using Blockchain technology.

CEO/Blockchain Technology Expert and Europe Representative

Simon Sinclair

Co Founder/ Lead Blockchain Developer, IT Consultant and Africa Representative

Jude Peter

Business Development Manager

Confidence Chika

Web Developer/ Blockchain Developer

Alex Nalbandyan

Additional Team Members

George Clinton

Co Founder

Sarafina Alimasuya

Co Founder/ Investment Advisor

Divine Okoye

Blockchain Advisor

Partnerships & Listing